Around the world, people have different body shapes and sizes that determine their looks and tendency for losing weight. All over the world, these different types of body describe how a person should take care of his diet and how to maintain their weight. According to different researches, it is proven, then there are 4 different types of body that are defined by hormones and these are responsible for extra storage of fluid and fats in your body.

To understand your body type, first, you should understand the relationship between the hormones and the shape of your body.

How the Hormones Responsible for Body type?

Hormones play major role in describing your body type like these are realized in small amount into our blood stream and travel all over the organs of the body to supply energy and responsible for maintaining their shape and functions, but due to our different intake of food or activities their functions may get affected and these turn out different types of body.

Below are some examples of these shapes that are formed due to improper function of hormones or organs. Also remember that maybe some of you have the combination of these types.

  • Android Type:

These types of bodies have stronger shoulders and strong muscle limbs, but narrow pelvis and hips do not flare. Further, their body is tending to be more like a body builder and they have the ability to gain weight more in the upper body area. These body type people have the craving for high cholesterol food and junk food attract them a lot. This way they gain a lot of weight, especially on the upper parts of the body. This increment in weight may lead towards depression, the problem in sleeping, poor memory and stress. As to deal with this situation, it is recommended to these body type people to take fresh fruits and vegetables as much as you can also avoid fatty foods and try to take a low carbs diet.

The exercise that is recommended to them are high intensive cardio including crunches as to lose weight from tummy side, it is recommended to do crunches as much as you can, this will also help the legs and lower part of the body is strengthened as well.

  • Lymphatictype:

Lymphatic body type is those whose bodies can gain weight from all the side. The most difficult body out of all different body types they are also known as Chubby Dolls. Their tendency of gaining weight is really high as compared to another type of bodies. Their muscles are so strong and puffy that it is hard to see their bones. These body type people usually have the craving for dairy and sweet products they often have high sweet tooth cravings than taking the proper meal. They are recommended to use the simple diet with less sugar intake also take soups often to detoxify their body fats.

They should avoid taking heavy meals in the late evening as their tendency of weight gaining is high, so it’s better to avoid late night gathering and try to remain as active as they can.

The best exercise for this type of body is jogging as by running the whole body parts get involve and this will help in burning more calories. They are also recommended to take some diet supplements that would make them active throughout a day without taking any extra calories.

  • Liver Body Type:

This type of people has the high urge of fried food they like to eat heavy food, enrich with proteins and highly carbonated drinks are one of their favorite items. They always have over weight issues with them and this may lead to many diseases. In order to overcome this situation such body type is recommended to take fresh vegetables as much as they can and avoid fried items, in fact, they are also suggested to take alternate for their cravings that will help in the detoxification of their body.

The recommended exercise for such body type is Interval training that’s mean they need to walk not to jog for at least an hour a day. Further, they are required to take cardiovascular exercise in order to strengthen their organs, an especially heart so that they will not face any health problems in future.

  • Thyroid Type:

The thyroid type people have the greatest tendency to lose weight as their body type does not accept the fat quite easily. They look like smart and have a narrow shape of bones and limbs. They often have a high metabolism and this way they lose the weight quicker than any other body type. The main craving for this body type is caffeine and nicotine they also skip their meals and like to take liquid diets. For them, it is recommended to take all types of food in a proper manner and avoid much consumption of caffeine due to which this type of body people mainly suffer from insomnia. To avoid sleeplessness they should use herbal tea that will help in detoxification of the body.

The recommended exercise for them is aerobics and yoga or Pilates. In this way, they can relax their body and also gain the inner peace that allows their organs to work well. They also suggested doing swimming in order to strengthen their lower body muscles.

Final Conclusion:

At the end, I would like to say that to live a healthy and active life you should acknowledge your body type and start living according to that. Also, if you are still confused relating your body type consider shopping to body tool this tool is very effective when it comes to understanding your body new type.

I would also like to recommend you that maybe your body is the combination of different type so do not implement lots of changes together, first observe your body and understand its requirement then take action according to it. Try to nourish and love your whole body and take proper care in order to avoid any health hazard conditions.