Weight loss is the main fitness and health goal for many people. To lose weight and maintain your ideal weight two factors are very important – nutrition and exercise.

On the exercise side you need to include exercise to burn calories and exercise designed to build lean muscle mass and thereby increase your metabolic rate.

For the nutrition side, a metabolically appropriate diet is a very effective weight loss tool. I explained the basics of Metabolic Typing in my other articles, “Does Everyone Need to Eat the Same Way” Parts I & II. Here I’ll explain why Metabolic Typing is so good at helping you achieve weight loss and maintaining your ideal body weight.

If your nutrition contains a fuel mix that’s wrong for you, it will disrupt your cellular oxidation (the rate at which you burn your fuel). In other words, your cells will not have the ability to efficiently convert nutrients into the energy they need to perform their metabolic activities.

Your cells are miniature biochemical factories that produce energy for your body. To do this they need to take in raw materials through the food you eat. But just any food won’t do; your cells are genetically programmed to require a specific type of nutritional input.

As mentioned in the previous articles different people require different levels of the macronutrients (fats, protein and carbs) to function optimally. You need a specific combination of these for your right fuel mixture.

If the cells cannot convert the food and nutrients you eat into energy then whatever calories cannot get burned are stored as fat instead. So much for your weight loss goal.

The primary mechanism for this increased fat storage is a hormonal imbalance mainly through the hormone insulin. Your body releases insulin in response to blood sugar levels so it’s pumped into your system anytime you eat food.

In normal amounts insulin is necessary and everything works fine. However, an incorrect fuel mix will unbalance your blood sugar levels thereby increasing insulin release. Increased insulin level results in increased fat storage and you end up with weight gain not weight loss.

By following a Metabolic Type nutrition plan you control your release of insulin and allow your cells to work efficiently. Different people are programmed to need more of some macronutrients than others.

This is the reason why some people stay slim and energized on various kinds of high-protein, higher fat diets while other people feel sluggish and gain weight by eating this way. Conversely, some people are able to stay trim and fit on low-protein, low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets, while these same diets cause others to pack on the pounds and be chronically fatigued.

Metabolic Typing can take the confusion out of nutrition and give you a nutrition plan that will help you achieve your weight loss goal. You can learn more about Metabolic Typing by doing a google search