Health record Australia is an ingenious initiative taken on for the good of the vast majority of the people. Like everything new, it has been faced with considerable apprehension and doubt, however, as the population is gradually becoming aware of what it actually is, and all the benefits it has to offer; more and more families are entering the fold.

Nevertheless, before signing up for anything, it is important to have a thorough understanding of all that it entails. Learn more about it below before you choose the option of opt out of my Health Record!

What is my Health Record all about?

My healthy record Australia is an endeavor to facilitate both the patients and the doctors who are involved in treating the patients. The idea behind it is that it isn’t always easy for individuals to remember each and every detail about their health status. For instance, not everyone is meticulously organized as some of us are haywire with our messes. In such cases, treatment becomes difficult when the patient is unable to recall what his previous hospitalizations were for, the treatments they underwent, medicines they were prescribed and the list goes on.

These tiny details are pretty important to the correct diagnosis as well as for devising a suitable treatment plan. Thus, my health record came to be.

Simply speaking, it stores all relevant medical information in an online database, which can be easily accessed whenever the need arises.

Information stored on the database

The information stored on the database contains all the essentials that a doctor might need to treat you. Of course, you can tell the doctor yourself too, which is probably why many opt out of Health Record, however, what if you miss out a tiny but significant detail? What if you neglect to tell about allergies to certain medications? It could be quite disastrous!

The following information is stored on the Health Record database:

  • Any medicines you might be taking
  • Allergies in general, as well as to medications
  • Any medical conditions that may have been diagnosed and treated or are under treatment
  • Blood tests and their results

All these bits of information have the ability to help your treating physician judge the state of your health and devise a treatment plan for you that’s best suited.

Apart from this, the database allows the addition of important information such as contact numbers for emergencies, as well as an advance care plan. All these things are morbid, but essential and thus it isn’t a wise choice to opt out of my Health Record.

All the Benefits it has to offer

The facility has quite a lot of benefits to offer for its users. Some of these have been enlisted below:

  • Facilitates healthcare management for all concerned individuals, as important information is being secured and available for use when the need arises.
  • It could be potentially lifesaving. Consider a patient coming in after an incident which has rendered them unable to talk and thus communicating critical information such as adverse reactions to medications, existing medical conditions etc becomes difficult!
    In such a situation, this system with easy to access information would literally be the difference between life and death for the patient. If he chose the option to opt out of my Health Record, saving his life would be difficult!
  • Proper use of the system will facilitate the doctors to make decisions, reach the correct diagnosis quicker and thus formulate a treatment plan which would be most beneficial and effective.
  • Since information presented to every physician with respect to a single patient will be uniform, it can greatly reduce unnecessary duplication of tests, as well as cut down on the present condition of doctors working in silos without full range of access to the history.
  • Medication errors are avoided.

So what are the risks?

Data related to the health of individuals is literal gold for researchers! And of course, when such a comprehensive compilation of data is available in the form of an online database, it will most likely be the target for many breeches. That is why many opt out of my Health Record.

Every effort has been made to mitigate this risk by providing the best protection that can be granted to an online database of its nature. This means it has literally been provided with military grade security systems. Despite this level of security, there still have been some breeches and this of course is a considerable event that causes many to feel unsafe and vulnerable with respect to the availability of their data where it can be misused by others.

Another major issue with the proposed system as it exists is that the information that is present on the system, is up to the discretion of the individual concerned. That means that for whatever reasons, the patient might decide to not put up some of the details online. In time of emergency, if the treating doctor assumes the data is complete and acts according to this assumption, this could have serious consequences.

Opting out is an option!

While most have welcomed the system with open arms and have been eager to adopt it, given the benefits it has to offer, there are still those are hesitant about it. For those who don’t wish to avail the benefits, it’s best to learn how to opt out of my health record Australia, and it’s a simple enough process.

First of all, the system isn’t mandatory. People were enrolled into the system unless they opted out. However, the date for that was 31 January, 2019.

If you have been enrolled and don’t wish to do so, the option to delete your data permanently and also opt out of my Health Record exists. Deciding to permanently delete all your data however, should be done after careful consideration, however, as deleting your account will not only delete the data held there, it will also erase any backups present.

So, unless you are keeping a meticulous record, your information will be gone forever. Later on, if you do realize the system had benefits you don’t want to miss out on, go right ahead and sign back up!