Duromine Presciption Pill Information

Duromine is prescribed for weight loss it is the most effective diet pill available. Duromine, also known as Phentermine, is a brand name slimming pill manufactured by iNova Pharmaceuticals that contains 30mg Duromine Hydrochloride in pil form. Duromine is a powerful appetite suppressant and metabolism drug that has been helping people shed kilos in Australia.

Duromine (Phentermine) was discovered by accident. Doctors discovered that an antidepressant could also be used to suppress appetite and control eating. They discovered that phentermine causes weight loss by stopping hunger.

How does Duromine work?

Duromine effect is in stimulation of the brain and the nervous system. Catecholamines are chemicals of the brain released after taking duromine, affect the central nervous system and block hunger impulses sent to the brain. Thus, they do not reach the brain centre, and a person does not feel hunger. To maintain energy, the fat stored in the body starts to be consumed. So, an overweight loss process is started. With help of duromine weight is getting off.

Duromine Action

A big duromine benefit is the prolonged action remaining for the whole day. A person can control his feeling of hunger throughout the day. Combination of duromine treatment and mild diets and physical exercises is very effective. You will achieve an amazing effect with duromine and exercise. Duromine using is recommended only after consultation with the doctor. The doctor will examine your organism, will reveal your problem and will indicate treatment and dosage suitable for you.

Usually, a duromine dosage for patients is duromine 30mg, but during the treatment course, your doctor may indicate duromine 15mg, or duromine 40mg. Self-treatment and changing a dosage is strictly not recommended, as it may disturb the process of treatment and even lead to dangerous duromine side effects. Buy Discount Duromine 30 mg Online

Duromine Application

Duromine taking is recommended orally once a day on an empty stomach, better in the morning before breakfast. Avoid Duromine taking in the evening as it may cause sleeplessness. The patient may become overactive. Do not break a capsule, as too much substance will release to the body at once and it may negatively affect the treatment.


At long duromine taking a duromine addiction may be experienced, and at abrupt discontinuation of duromine, withdrawal syndrome may appear. Your doctor should reduce gradually a dose till you end treatment.

During treatment with duromine alcohol is strictly not recommended. The drug effect may be increased causing duromine overdose. The medications affecting the central nervous system, MAO inhibitors, weight loss drugs should be avoided during duromine use, because duromine interactions may be serious. Any activity requiring fast reaction, good coordination and attentiveness should be limited. At long duromine taking in high dose, duromine abuse may be experienced. Correct duromine use and taking into account all contraindications will help you to avoid any duromine side effects.

Duromine taking is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, for children under 16 years and for older people.

What are side effects of Duromine?

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Where to Buy Duromine in Australia?

Buying Duromine in Australia usually involves a prescription. However, buying Duromine in Australia can also be done by buying from special broekerage companies.

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